Take Me To The Knoll
Exercise 1/22

I was very limited for time on Sunday and wanted to get my run in, so I had to split it into two parts.  The second part was when it was dark out and I really didn’t like running in the dark.  My goal was to run both parts entirely.  The first one I did really well with the exception of four phone calls I had to answer during the hour.  I continued running through two of them.  The second part, I just really wanted to get done.  The parts of the neighborhood that I would have liked to run on (the flatter parts) were darker than the hilly parts.  I also wanted to stay within sprinting distance of Brian and Laura’s house, our house or Shannon and Josh’s.

Part One:

Time: 57:28

Distance: 5.04

Calories: 641

Pace: 11:28

Average Heart Rate: 154

Max Heart Rate: 181

Part Two:

Time: 58:42

Distance: 5.04

Calories: 630

Pace: 11:39

Average Heart Rate: 156

Max Heart Rate: 175